3131 Sack heroes live on the Ethereum chain




After 2 years of work, 3131 Sack-Heroes ETH NFTs have found a new home. Around 200 features, hand-drawn with great attention to detail, provide a huge variety and diversity. But the Sack Heroes are about much more than "just" the picture, the matter is much more serious ..........   It's about everything!!! It's about good versus evil, it's about whether the vermin manage to take over our cities. There will be epic battles between good and evil, where the loser will go home defeated and the winner will celebrate themselves and their reward. The first generation of Sack Heroes, whose imprinting is imminent, will be the key to the S-H ecosystem we are already working on. The S-H ecosystem will offer a variety of options for first generation S-H owners. Our focus is on rewarding loyal S-H owners and collectors and building a community that benefits from keeping and collecting S-H. Get ready for everything to change. Be smart and become a hero, a SACK-HERO !

Mint & Date

Our Sack Heroes collection was released via the Opensea website, and the release date was on April 12, 2K24. The collection is gas-optimized to keep transaction fees as low as possible.


3131 Sack Heroes NFT have their home on the Ethereum chain .The collection will be gas optimized to keep transaction fees as low as possible.  




After Mint 

After minting and releasing the S-H, we will announce the team's next milestones via Twitter. To shorten the waiting time for time-intensive goals, there will be contests and opportunities to stake S-H to receive ecosystem-based and real life benefits.

The Ecosystem 

The Sack Heroes ecosystem will consist of different collections, even though they will be opponents they will only function together. There will be battles between good and evil. These battles will work like a quartet game, where you have to tactically decide before the fight begins which of your heroes or villains you will send into battle. The different traits will have different effects on the opponent and some traits will work better together than other pairings. There will be different battles so that every holder can take part, i.e. 1 NFTvs. 1 NFT, 3 NFT vs. 3 NFT, and 5 NFT vs. 5NFT (NFT`s not Player). Only holders who have not listed for sale a single one of their heroes or villains can take part in these tournaments. Loyalty to the community is paramount here. The expected winnings are graded according to the type of battle, with 5 vs. 5 victories receiving the highest reward level. Rewards will include weapon upgrades for upcoming battles, as well as non-cash prizes such as NFTs, ETH, Sack Heroes promotional items, etc. Sack Town will be a central place where the community meets (chat, marketplace, bulletin board, 3D dressing room) and plays tournaments, and the first Sack Heroes collection minted on April 12th will be the key to Sack Town for each holder. This should serve as a little information in advance, because you can expect a lot more. Be smart, become a hero.

We are listed on 

3D dressing room

After the completion of our 3D Dressing Room, owners who do not have any of their heroes listed for sale will be able to download their hero in 3D. This is only the first step for the 3D designed heroes. Further steps will follow. 

The genesis

Over 2 years of work and preparation. Always with the same team, no changes in the team since day 1. Future-oriented and creative. Together with the community into the future. Join us and become part of the Sack Heroes community. Experience the development of Sacktown and the upcoming battles against evil together with us. Win great prizes and receive rewards for your loyalty to the community.


You can expect a variety of traits that will ensure great diversity throughout the collection. Fantastic colors and great attention to detail. 


Sneak preview

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